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How to Light the Ninth Candle

Recover faces in the crowded leather jacket of sunken memories Watch how the distress in your spirit turns yours into a drooping contortion Memorize each   strand of repulsiveness      inch of unsightliness        scar of your metamorphosis from girl to woman Draw the melancholy into a window-less home in your head shield it from… Continue reading How to Light the Ninth Candle

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The Indecency Question or How to Blame a Rape Victim

This is the third installment in a series on sex culture in Nigeria. The first and second installments are here and here. There is this illustration you were drawing and colouring in your head while the man, a priest, Reverend Father, was painting his to your hearing, and you shook the head inside of your… Continue reading The Indecency Question or How to Blame a Rape Victim

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Membranes For The Wedding Dinner

This is the second in a series of opinions about sex culture in Nigeria. In my history of alarming encounters, one of the most unforgettable was with a prospective lawyer who argued vehemently and unashamedly that rape victims (females, of course- ‘males simply cannot be raped’) should not report their rape, because this would translate… Continue reading Membranes For The Wedding Dinner

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The Math of Sex-Ed, Simplified

This is the first in a series of opinions about sex culture in Nigeria. Once in a random while, the question of sex, and the instruction on it, shows up in a random chat. Prudes that many of us have not chosen to be, but are, the idea is sometimes declared destructive, counter-productive, and consequently… Continue reading The Math of Sex-Ed, Simplified

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“I Am Not A Christmas Goat”

Just at the end of last year, in the middle of what I had ignorantly assumed to be a bad week, my stars fell into perfect alignment so that traffic happened at the moment when I was confronted with the image below. I’m usually not the type to go around taking pictures, what with violence-… Continue reading “I Am Not A Christmas Goat”

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FRIDAY, 18th November, 2016 In-between, like ignorance, is bliss. We feed catfish, chickens and ducks. We tease a chained dog with a pure white coat who jumps from pillar to post (literally), trying to break his chains, agitating for freedom to investigate these strange new faces. We ask, Naija style, “Is that how you use… Continue reading TO HEAVEN, AND BACK (3,4&5)